Durleigh was established in Somerset in the early 1980’s and has built a greatly respected reputation in providing exceptional off-the-shelf leaflet display racks and custom made signage, window graphics and exhibition solutions for a wide range of sectors, including: education, business, medical, tourism and local government.  We work with private and public sector businesses across the UK and internationally. With over 3 decades of experience in design and bespoke manufacture,

Durleigh goes from strength to strength, as word continues to spread of our ability to deliver stylish and robust signage and display solutions, on-time and on-budget.  We seek to provide inspiration, advice and project management support in creating display solutions that add value to our clients’ businesses large or small.

Durleigh are consistently pushing boundaries in the research and development of point of sale equipment, nonetheless ensuring quality outcomes which has enabled us mature to service large corporate groups in manufacture, realty, retail and small independent companies.

Durleigh make products to suit a company’s brand identity and have a positive impact on their high street credibility, in the eyes of the consumer.

Our experienced research and development team, consider our clients pinch points, seek to improve their output and customer experiences. Working with designers from initial concept, prototyping through to a final innovative display and signage solution. We do this within agreed budget and time constraints and in consideration of environmental issues.

Durleigh’s leadership in the market is due to a team of dedicated people consistently improving our knowledge, skills and understanding of the signage and display sector in terms of product development utilising CAD (Computer Aided Design).

We seek to provide inspiration, advice and project management support in creating bespoke display solutions that add value to our clients’ brand and customer experiences. And we closely follow trends in the modern market.

Durleigh’s online shop offers a wide range of premium off-the-shelf products perfect for displaying day to day marketing materials and literature. With a range that includes; Leaflet Dispensers to Carousels, Folding literature stands, static magazine racks and many more.

Our Exhibition displays can also be purchased online. Roller banners, Pop Ups, Flags and iPad stands are typical products used for conferences, exhibitions, presentations, open days or even staff or operator training events. The graphics for these type of displays can be supplied as artwork or designed by our in-house studio.

Some standard window display kits and signage fitting are available for purchase from stock and so for companies needing cost effective displays and signage, we have the solution.

Product & Services

Displays are Durleigh’s core product range, they can come in many forms from designed acrylic dispensers, window and wall displays in an estate agents to bespoke presentation units for large scale retailers or manufacturers.

These units can either be manufactured to standard patterns or we can design, originate and produce displays to suit requirements or corporate guidelines. Here are some of our systems;

Tate System
– this window display system holds our Dlite LED light pockets it has stainless steel upright poles which are bent to an optimum viewing angle these are then finished at different height to give a gallery effect, these are fixed to a solid wooden base which keeps all electrical out of sight.

Mulberry System –
these standalone units are made in a high quality aluminium and painted to the required colour the acrylic pockets are made to hang on the crossbars, LED are inserted at regular intervals on the upright posts as an option.

Blade System – A very sleek unit, it has upright opaque glass which is clamped into a solid walnut base, the rods which run parallel to the glass are powered to run our Dlite LED Pocket and our Mlite digital screen as an option.

Totem System – the component parts for this unit are a single brushed or painted stainless steel upright, secured in position in a window, panels of wood, plastic or glass are then fixed to the upright and Dlite LED light pockets mounted to the front at different heights.

Quayside System - these freestanding units are made in a high quality silver anodised aluminium with a choice of painted aluminium or wooden cross bars which the property details then hang on, making them easy to interchange. You can also acquire a podium stand in this style, the posts are finished with optimum viewing angle supporting an acrylic or glass panel which pockets are then adhered to.

Crystal System - this is a rod system, fixed from floor to ceiling that has acrylic panels suspended between with interchangeable clear plastic pockets.

Durleigh have a small but effective team of designers, meaning we can work spontaneously in the best interests of our clients. They benefit from a team of experienced front-runners with talent and fresh outlooks. These are some of our services we can provide to our clients.

Branding & Logos - Effective branding starts with your heritage, ethos and ambitions. The creative process turns those values into logos, colour schemes and visual assets that consistently reinforce the message about who you are and what you strive to be.

Websites & Digital - Make your business website a vibrant and engaging hub for staff, customers and the community. We deliver attractive and easy to maintain websites. We also help you make the most of every digital opportunity to promote your brand.

Prospectuses & Print - Put a Durleigh designed prospectus or brochure next to anyone else’s and you’ll immediately see the difference. Durleigh works harder to craft unique and memorable publications that represent your businesses qualities and values.

Picture boards & Displays - Maintain the positive impression created by your website experience and printed literature. Elegant picture boards and displays make a consistent and welcoming visual impact around your business environment for prospective clients, existing customers and staff.

Signage Systems - From the signs outside your building, to reception and throughout your school, the right signage creates a welcoming and helpful environment. Durleigh translates your brand into attractive and functional signage to enhance the experience for your business environment and visiting clients.

Photography & Video - The inspirational images in every Durleigh publication don’t happen by accident. Our skilled photographers are highly experienced at working with schools, universities, colleges, corporate and independent businesses. We identify the exact shots to emphasize your message, and we plan everything to get the fit-for-purpose pictures.

Market Sectors

Government & Local Councils

From detailed site surveys, technical drawings including in-depth specifications, risk assessments and method statements Durleigh have an ever increasing knowledge of the requirements of local authorities and governing bodies before work is carried out.

Frontage signs, site wayfinding signs, graphic designs for exhibition stands and roller banner systems, information display units for presenting council owned property, lockable information cases for town & village halls are some of the products we supply.

Schools, Colleges & Universities

These sort of sites tend to have built up letters on the building with a halo illumination as the block identification. The most important signs around a campus is clear, easy to read directional signs so students and staff can find their way around. Door signs to specific rooms are essential to assist students or pupils as classes or lectures are moved around the campus or site. Library wayfinding signage is a must for the students studying specific projects or interests.

Most of the education sector host events for either signing up, student recognition, raising money or awards, this is when our printed flags and banners, roller banner systems and information display systems come into play.

Large Groups, Corporations & International Companies

Durleigh has a multi-location branding service with a vast experience as to the strengths and weaknesses of materials, bonding techniques and coatings. We work with organisations and their agencies to provide a comprehensive brand transition, from start to finish.

With our experience we address every conceivable brand touch point that arises within each location, from signage and environmental graphics, to vehicle liveries and corporate communication materials. Our capabilities include the design of precise brand specifications which take into consideration local area regulations anywhere in the world.

Estate & Letting agents

Estate and Letting agents are typically found located in the centre of a town or city, close to main shopping areas so require; Façade signage, Window and internal property displays, maps and wall graphics so they can be effortlessly found by the potential client.

Pavement Signs, Flags, Pop-up stands, and Roller banner units are used to inform people of the extent of the companies’ services or future new housing development sites and open house events.



Tourist Information Centres, Travel Agents & Attractions

Tourist information centres, Travel Agents & Attractions have a similarity in their product needs. Eye-catching entrance signage is needed to attract business, acrylic holders for displaying leaflets and brochures on local activities, accommodation and travel options. Where attractions differ is that they need pointer signs and information panels placed around the site to direct and inform viewers as to where they are and what they are looking at.

Hospitals & Medical Centres

Hospitals and Medical Centres require many types of signs from the initial cark park entrance signs, welcoming the patience’s, to mandatory safety signage and staff name badges. Durleigh have some unique interchangeable door and directional signage systems so doctors and district nurses can easily move location within a site with little down time and the patient can navigate the building with no trouble. We have an experienced team of fitters that are able to handle circumstances such as lock downs for emergency vehicles etc.

Military & Emergency Services

Durleigh’s bespoke show cases are used by the Military and Emergency services for show casing Bravery Awards and Historical Artefacts. Our Exhibition equipment is also used to display at Recruitment Events, Road Shows and Live TV Interviews/Announcements so has to be robust, easy to set up and take down, link roller banner system is a product that has the qualities to suit. In our website shop we have a range of flags, roller cassette units, pop-up systems, swing up literature racks and crowd barrier systems.

Manufacturing, Building & Construction

Durleigh provide an all-inclusive site signage package, from site traffic control signs, PPE boards, KPI Panels to tool shadow boards and machine guards. The team strives to provide a frictionless service to minimise down time and maximise production.

When it comes to getting the job installed the team can take care of all the paper work.

“Thank you guys for what you’ve done. You’ve helped us be unique. We are now rocking the world.”


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