Custom Build

If you need a Custom-built presentation solution you have come to the right place.

Durleigh has an experienced team of graphic, product and exhibition designers who strive to keep ahead of the curve by continually improving their knowledge, skills and understanding of the exhibition and display sector in terms of graphic art, CAD, product development and trends.

In whatever work our designers undertake, their prime focus is on adding value to the companies we work with in making a positive impact on the perceptions of their target audiences. We understand how important it is for us to have a client’s values, vision and goals at the
heart of our design thinking. 

Our design concepts can be crafted from corporate guidelines to suit individual client needs or alternatively can be created from a blank canvas to suit your requirements.

The Durleigh team follow a process for all custom build enquiries to guarantee consistency and a frictionless process from start to finish.

Sales Process

1. Contact

You contact us by phone, email, website, social media or by word of mouth.

2. Survey

We will send a Durleigh representative to your premises, so we can familiarise ourselves with your environment and gather all the information we need to get the job done and meet with you personally.  In certain instances, this might not be necessary.

3. Design

The information gathered by the team will be sent to the graphic designer team leader who will turn our site notes into a computer-generated image to help you visualise the finished result.

4. Estimation

The Estimation team leader will receive this computer-generated image, have a meeting with the Durleigh representative that attended your premises and will estimate the build cost of your creation based on the information given.  This will be forwarded to the sales team leader.

5. Quotation

The Sales team leader will compile a personalised quotation, liase with our accounts manager to discuss your preferred method of payment and send all the information directly to you, via email or post to be signed off at your convenience.

6. Sign off

Once you have received your quotation and visualisation it is up to you to sign it off.  This process can take a while and might at times end up back at the design stage to amend and adjust the designs to suit legislation, planning requests, site environment or budget.

7. Manufacture

When you are happy with your costs and design the manufacture team builds your product using specialist tooling and skills.  Once Manufacture is complete the products are stored in our warehouse and the relevant paperwork is handed to the Installation team leader.

8. Installation

The Installation team leader will then liase with you to arrange an installation date and will be on hand till your products are installed or delivered.

Sectors we work with

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