About Durleigh

In June 1984 – A newly married couple decided to start a business in the small village of Ashcott - Syma Display Systems was born.  Word spread quickly in the towns and surrounding suburbs that Syma Display Systems was the place to go for quality hand built displays and signage.  Some original installations are still around to this day.

In March 1992 Syma Display Systems relocated to the nearby town of Bridgwater where it was renamed Durleigh Displays Systems after the leafy suburb that the couple moved to.

Through the last 33 years the reputation for quality displays and signage has grown by word of mouth, recommendations, referrals, mail-outs and marketing to create the Durleigh you know today.

What has changed over the years is the tools, processes and technology. Durleigh has moved premises, rebranded and expanded to remain in touch with the modern age.  What remains the same is the values of the company founders and the Durleigh mission and vision still governs everything.

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