Restaurants & Cafes

First impressions count.

Your reputation from regular satisfied customers is to be highly prized but there are always members of the public who make an impulse decision about where to eat or drink. 

The decisions are often influenced by a visually inviting atmosphere so entrance signs, menu display and offers need to be clear, attractive and welcoming.

A-frame pavement signs are popular with pubs and bars, but they can also work well for tea rooms and coffee shops, to attract passing trade.  Sign boards need to be kept fresh and current; consider your message carefully and make sure it is eye-catching and easy to read.

Printed posters to display in snap frames, pavement signs or wall mounted menu cases are a cost-effective way of achieving changeable menu/prices. Customised solutions are available.

Bars, pubs, cafes, night clubs, bistros and restaurants need tools to promote their businesses from the pavement outside to the kitchen. Durleigh have products designed to assist the hospitality industry including menu holders, foamex hanging information panels, safety notices, statutory signs, ticket holders for serving counters and table display.

Have you considered an illuminated menu stand or our ‘Messenger’ light pocket?  Digital text is instantly updateable from your smart phone.  Maybe a ‘Zebra’ stand placed strategically where ‘walk-ins’ queue to be served, tempting them to a treat or an extra!

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