NEW LED Display for 2021 - Dlite Randoms

A New Display system 

The Dlite Randoms are a premium high-bright LED illuminated, low maintenance window display solution.  This floor to ceiling cable mounted D-Lite Random system gives you the freedom to mix up your poster sizes in your window.  

Create a window display that is truly unique and very eyecatching.  

Using LED A4 - A1 size poster pockets, get creative and design the window display that really shouts your brand. 

Dlite Random LED pocket features: 

  • Magnetic easy access detail holders
  • Glowing outer rim 
  • Modern technology no visible side clamps 
  • High Bright LED illumination 
  • Double sided 
  • 12 Month Warranty 
  • Standard Frame colours - SILVER/BLACK

Want to see what D-Lite Randoms will look like in your shop front?  

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Posted on February 3rd 2021

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