Durleigh’s acrylic fabrication turned to help save lives.

Durleigh has turned is fabrication focus onto acrylic sneeze guard screens for reception desks at medical surgeries and hospitals as well as moulding a cost effective face shield for doctors, healthcare workers carrying out essential duties.  Hand Sanitiser dispenser unit back boards have also been made recently to fulfil the much needed critical demand for making the product available and user friendly.

Sneeze screens are being made in standard sizes as listed on our online shop or bespoke made sizes to suit your specific desk arrangements.  All fabrication is done in UK and we can offer fast turn around on these high demand sneeze guard screens. https://shop.durleigh.com/shop/category/acrylic-sneeze-guards

For any acrylic fabrication, sneeze guard or face shield needs please contact sales@durleigh.com

Posted on April 14th 2020

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