Architects & Design Agencies

Durleigh offers a wide range of off-the-shelf and bespoke signage solutions to architects & builders. However, signage is possibly one of the last things that comes to mind when creating a new building.  Some questions to ask yourself when thinking about suitable signage for your building.

Is your signage external or internal use, permanent or temporary, constructed or printed, typographic or pictorial, braille and tactile?

Do you need wayfinding signage, safety signs or information boards? 

Whether you need complex hi-specification fascia’s or some inexpensive, but effective banners Durleigh have the solution.

The question is what level of service do you need?

Service Level 1 – Manufacture only

Send your technical drawings, specifications through to Durleigh and we can offer a manufacture only service.

Your finished goods will be stored onsite until we can schedule delivery to your site.

Service Level 2 – Design & Manufacture

With a team of graphic designers and engineers under one roof we can design and manufacture your signage along with templates and instructions for installation.

Your finished goods will be stored onsite until we can schedule delivery to your site.

Service Level 3 – Design, Manufacture & Installation

When you need the peace of mind that your signage will be designed, manufactured and installed on time and correctly this is the service for you.  Your finished goods will be stored on site until and installation date can be arranged.

Service Level 4 – Complete Project Management

Every Projects will be given a dedicated project manager who in the first instance will meet you on site to go over the scope of works.

Your project manager will be on hand to provide all the answers to those questions that could crop up during the project.

Our experience in dealing with projects management helps us to overcome the guidelines in regards of dimensions, fire regulations and building controls. We will encompass these restrictions directly into your signage installation to fulfill your needs and be fully compliant.

Whatever your environment or situation if there’s a solution to be had we have it – Durleigh has a proven track record for solving issues other companies will walk away from.

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