Knowing your signage options

When you are looking at your brand logo and are considering signage there are many options that can be used to enhance or add a unique dimension to your design.

3D Lettering and shapes

3D lettering is a built up letter with edges most popular is a flat face to the front of the letter.  These can be powder coated to a colour of your choice or stainless steel.   This type of lettering can also have LEDs inserted inside the cavity behind to create a subtle halo glow to your sign.   Or the entire face of the letter can be illuminated. 

These 3D letters can be mounted to rails to hang inside a glass front for a modern look or are also perfect for exterior mounting onto a sign tray or rails.  

“To put the punch into your signage I would recommend 3D lettering” - Durleigh Sales Team

Push through lettering and shapes

We refer to push through illuminated lettering as a aluminium sign tray that has been stencil cut and the acrylic illuminated letters are proud of the aluminium face by a few millimetres, this is another way of adding some dimension and effect but not as bold as a 3D built up letter.  This gives a touch of class to any sign when the back illuminated option is chosen.

This design can also be flush to the face of the aluminium or indented to suit your style.

Flat cut lettering and shapes

Another way of adding style to your sign.  Flat cut lettering made from acrylic, aluminium, stainless steel, MDF which can then be powder coated vinyl covered or painted to the face.  These can be made in varies thicknesses of material to your choice.  These letters then can be attached to the sign face using standoffs to add depth or can be bonded direct to the back tray or fascia.  These flat cut letterings are not illuminated but can have over head illumination using a trough light or spotlights. 

It’s also very often the style used for internal signage on a wall.  These flat cut letters can be used in many different applications, perfect for use in display, information walls, 3D effect walls also on products.

Vinyl lettering and graphics

The most widely used signage lettering, long lasting and completely flat.  Vinyl lettering and printed graphics can be applied to many different materials to create signage including aluminium, glass, acrylic, painted wood to name a few. 

This is a overview of the main sign lettering options widly used there are other styles of signage available for further details or to discuss your requirements please call 01278 447447

Posted on February 26th 2020

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