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Presentation is key in estate agency, do you agree?

Presentation is key to remain successful in estate agency.
Life is always changing, people move on for many different reasons, it can be an emotional time for the client; their home is one of the most valuable assets they own.
The first visual presentation is very important to any client before they even commit to entering the office. During the next few minutes of engagement the client will assess the type of agency, it’s this initial presentation that will ensure estate agents gain good quality properties on their listings.
Making the client feel at ease is crucial so put energy into your office design. To make staff and clients feel at home why not use the family home as an inspiration for your office space, it is creative and as an estate agent a reflection of what the business stands for.
Excellent uncluttered visual presentation displays showing the current listed properties is also critical to gain a new client.

How can an estate agency on the high street look to stand out against his local competitors? Surely all the known tricks are already being used, or can agencies explore more innovative display systems and really steal a margin on the competition?

Clients ask themselves when choosing an estate agent to list their property ‘Which estate agent will make my property stand out from the crowd?’
It’s important to explore innovative window displays to make your high street shop window differ from the competition, you can use your window space to add personality to your property presentation. Window displays and window graphics can work together to create stunning effects. Be creative with framed LED DLite pockets these can be fancy 3D frames coloured or wood finishes.
Durleigh’s signature range use glass panels and solid wood for a quality prestige designer feel.
Estate agents offices will continue to become inspirational spaces in this busy commercial world clients are always look for a sense of comfort amongst all the chaos and information. Wall murels are a great way to create a calm spot amongst the whirlwind of reality.

What do you think is the biggest trick missed by estate agencies when it comes to signage and displays?

The biggest trick missed by estate agents is they don’t have to look like the agent next door.
When thinking about displays and signage it’s important to remember that in 2017 less is more. It’s an increasingly used expression which suggests that there is value in simplicity and that more can be accomplished with less.
External signage is the first impression a new customer gets of your business, it marks your location. Internal signage is just as important and should be considered as part of your interior décor and overall customer experience.
The displays and signage need to be inviting, tidy and balanced to the type of market the agent is aiming at. Durleigh are passionate about making the signage and displays work for the client and as a bespoke manufacturer of displays and signage we can offer a unique package tailor made to your requirements.

Thank you to Simon Newman for answering our questions who is Senior Partner of

Posted on June 22nd 2017

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