How signage and large prints can help in healthcare and dementia care

Magnetic Sign systems

Magnetic signs systems are a great and professional way for doctors to move from room to room or if there are multiple surgeries from surgery to surgery.  These magnetic sign systems can be made uniform so the magnetic name plates fit in any slot.  Durleighs Q-frame sign system can be coloured to match your branding and also incorporate braille & tactile, in-out sliders, printed logos, or paper interchangeable panels for your own messages. 

Photographic wallpaper and visual signs for dementia care

Large wall graphics in your dementia wing can help carers connect with their patients. 

Be creative with your ideas for example make their room doors replicate a front door to a house and the corridors can mimic a row of properties with each patient room having something unique to them.  

A coffee area could look like the patients are sitting downtown or in the gardens by having a large photographic wallpaper of the local towncentre or a beautiful garden image.

Durleigh can also manufacture dementia care signage using images, symbols and text using cleanable materials which are suitable for interior and exterior use. 

Our design team can help you with artwork creation to get your dementia care wing to a new level, contact us for more information. 

Posted on August 9th 2019

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