Custom-Made Displays in Bridgwater

At Durleigh we have a highly creative team of professionals based in Bridgwater, Somerset with experience in designing and manufacturing ‘custom-made’ displays for a variety of businesses that include Event Management companies, large retailers, private clients, Estate Agents and Design Agencies.

Durleigh’s brief was to design and build a bespoke keyboard and digital equipment acrylic casings for Howard Jones and his band members. The design criteria stated that the cases needed to dissipate large amounts of light which would work with a high density LED, sound sensitive, radio controlled lighting system mounted inside. The cases would also need to hide the numerous wiring connections to some of the most up to date equipment on the market and finally fit inside a weight restricted flight case.

The cases were designed and digitally constructed using CAD (computer aided design) software. The software allowed us to illustrate the clients end product and supply the technical data we require for manufacture. The cases are now on the road and beginning their world tour.

Posted on December 15th 2014

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