Are your window displays Dlite full?

The New D-Lite Absale

Durleigh have added to the Dlite range of illuminated LED display pockets suspended on cables. 

The Dlite Absale is unique to Durleigh guaranteeing the consistency in manufacture.

The New Dlite Absale uses a new technology, no visual side clamps the mechanism is integral to the unit making this one of the most sophisticated quality displays on the market.  All Dlite displays are quality checked.

This is an easy to load pocket with magnetic cover sheet fronts. 

Dlite Absale pockets can be mounted either landscape or portrait between cables and also can be fabricated at double and triple widths as required.

The Dlite Absale Rimless

The Dlite Absale Rimless makes a good option when space is at a premium.  The Absale Rimless doesn’t have the extra clear glowing edge surround making the display narrower but has the same Dlite Absale quality.

Posted on December 6th 2017

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