Durleigh offers a wide range of off-the-shelf and bespoke signage solutions to our clients - from complex hi-specification
fascia signs to a variety of inexpensive and effective banners.

For exterior or internal use, permanent or temporary, constructed or printed, typographic or pictorial, braille and tactile, directional and safety signs, information boards (etc).

Whatever the environment we have a signage solution.

Cast Crests & Emblems

Formed and professionally hand painted signage. Cast Signage is designed and made to be used in interior or exterior applications to create a three dimensional impression of a coat of arms, crest or company’s logo.


Brand and service identification fascia signage. Fascia signs are used to create business identity in busy town and city centres. They are typically found above an entrance or main window(s) close to busy roads or pedestrianized areas.

Built Up Letters

Hand finished 3 Dimensional Built Up letters. Built Up letters are primarily made for external applications, but can be used internally as well to create a strong, prestige, polished feel to a company’s logo or brand.

Halo Illuminated Letters

Make your signage eye catching with Halo illumination. Halo illumination creates a glow around a built-up letter. LEDs are positioned to shine outwards from the reverse of the letter, giving a reflected light.

Flat Cut Letters

Flat cut letters are a traditional way of signing a building and have been utilised since the 1800’s. They can be fixed to most surfaces and are now widely used for exterior signage in conservation areas but can also be exploited in interior applications

Braille & Tactile

New innovative production techniques for highly durable, aesthetically superior Braille & Tactile Directional Signage, made for interior and exterior installations. This signage is necessary to enable visitors with disabilities to locate their destination throughout a building or complex.


Directional signs are made for interior and exterior use. These signs are designed to complement the environment, décor or client. This signage is necessary for visitors to be able to find locations throughout your building or complex.

Post Mounted

Site Identification Signage.  Post mounted signage is built as a standalone system mostly used to advertise, create awareness and direct traffic to and around a building or complex.


Bespoke signs, manufactured to specification as laid out by clients, architects or interior designers.


Statutory signage helps you meet your obligation to display legally compliant warning signs such as CCTV in operation, anti-climb paint, fire exits, extinguishers, no smoking and site speed restrictions.

Fascia Trough Lighting

Professionally extruded and painted aluminium trough lighting. Trough lighting is designed and manufactured to be installed above your external shop fascia and projecting signage to illuminate them in the dark.

LED Light Sheet

Modern, atmospheric LED illuminated acrylic sheeting with a low energy consumption. LED light sheet is made to be easily installed in numerous locations making the surroundings, graphics or signage glow.

Printed Awnings and Canopies

All types of awnings including Retail shop awnings, School Awnings, Restaurant Awnings and Dutch Canopies. All retractable awnings can be electrically or manually operated.

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