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Pop Up - Elegance


SnapUp "Elegance" is the next evolution in pop-up systems. Use it with curved ends like a traditional pop-up system, or choose flat ends with decorative corner trims giving the system a more contemporary "non-pop-up" look. Our top-of-the line Elegance display is self-locking and cross braced, which means that the graphics will always hang perfectly, despite the frequent challenge of uneven floors. This construction also makes the system extremely strong and stable and enables the suspension of heavy media screens, as well as table attachments. The super slim frame of 190 mm also looks great and saves stand space too.

Durleigh offer a graphic design service or upload your artwork by clicking on the link below.

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Pop Up Elegance 3x3C

Pop Up footprint area: Width 2300mm/ Height 2255mm/ Depth 600mm. Code: 82566

Pop Up Elegance 3x4C

Pop Up footprint area: Width 2875mm/ Height 2255mm/ Depth 800mm. Code: 82567

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