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AC LED Lightpocket Transformers

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Lightpocket Transformers

AC Transformers are necessary consumable item for your light pocket display drops. These units are made to bring the power from 240 Volts to a safe level to run the LEDs and reduce the power consumption.

These transformers will need replacing when they have come to the end of their life, so they are made to be interchangeable by simply unplugging both ends and plugging the new unit in.

  • 3 Amp Transformer, 4 high A4 Light Pockets maximum
  • 5 Amp Transformer, 3 high A3 Light Pockets maximum
  • 6 Amp Transformer, 5 high A3 Light Pockets maximum

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3 Amp Transformer

Output Power 3 Amp. Maximum loading 4no A4 Light pockets. Code TRA3

5 Amp Transformer

Output Power 5 Amp. Maximum loading 3no. A3 light pockets. Code TRA5

6 Amp Transformer

Output Power 6 Amp. Maximum loading 5no. A3 light pockets. Code TRA6

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